The paint drums normally used in the production cycle at Nordest Line srl get recycled, generating a reduction in polluting industrial waste containing residue of dangerous substances for 1,000 kg.

Thanks to the Bidone project, these steel containers are reused and lead to a direct saving of 1.900 kg of iron, 600 kg of carbon, and 1.790 kg of CO2 necessary to produce them*.

The paints used are clear of any substances identified by the European Agency as “very high concern” (SVHC). These are water-based paints as opposed to solvent-based, where water is the diluent. This solution reduces nearly all solvent emissions, therefore only releasing water vapor into the atmosphere.

(Source: Consorzio nazionale per il riciclo e il recupero degli imballaggi in acciaio, 2018).


Bidone is a bespoke, colorful furniture element where esthetic and functionality come together in one contemporary and long-lasting solution thanks to the robustness of the materials used.

Dedicated to those who seek unconventional, ready-made furnishings without sacrificing the practicality of the essential and raw materials, all revisited and reinterpreted with eclectic style and creativity.

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